Bondi Beach Solar Powered Signage

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Project Details

Directional and Information Signs Installed at Bondi Beach

These unique Solar Powered signs have recently been manufactured and installed by Central Signs Pty Ltd.

They incorporate the latest solar collection and storage technology. They house high output LED lighting for illuminating maps and information posters and include fully self-contained, high capacity battery storage and programmable controllers.

The solar power system is capable of running for years without any maintenance. The system can automatically turn the lighting on and off at required times and can be programmed to increase battery storage for low sunlight levels in winter and then reprogrammed to best utilise the abundant Bondi sun in summer. The maps and posters can stay lit for several hours, even in the middle of winter. This helps locals and visitors alike find their street and know what's on, well into the night!

These signs also incorporate very durable and graffiti resistant sign panels. These are made from steel sheet coated with Vitreous Enamel - a process of coating metal with naturally occurring ceramic compounds, then firing in a very hot oven. This process dates back to the days of ancient Egypt.

Should the sign panels receive any graffiti or require any cleaning, a simple wipe with some solvent is all that is necessary. These signs complement another series of similar non-illuminated signs that have also been installed around Bondi by Central Signs.

The sand coloured sandblast pavers at the base complete with beach theme motifs, help accentuate the locality.

Bondi Beach Solar Powered Signage