Coal Loader

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Project Details

Coal Loader - Directional & Interpretive Signage

The Coal Loader Centre for sustainability is an exciting new community resource in Waverton. The site was officially opened by North Sydney Council on 10 July 2011.

The Coal Loader site has been transformed from an ex-industrial site to a place where you can learn about sustainable living.

Central signs manufactured & installed directional & Interpretive signs which explain & illustrate the project.

Frames & post assemblies were hot dip galvanised, primed & then finished with micaceous iron-oxide, they are designed to be long lasting & very durable.

Graphics & Digital Prints detailing the project are applied to composite aluminium panels & those panels are housed within the steel frames.

The graphics depict both the previous environment & the new environment.

Whilst the graphics can be damaged the design allows for replacement at low cost.

Award Winning Signage:

Central Signs entered this project in The Australian Sign & Graphic competition and have achieved a Gold Award in the "Sign System" category.  Sign Systems can range from simple directory's to complete designed and created, site way finding systems.

North Sydney Council

The graphics all look great & are installed on time & on budget despite the very tight project timeframe & the complex array of sign types & installation scenarios…

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