Former BP Site

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Project Details

Former BP Site - Screen Printed & Anti Graffiti coating

Clients brief was for the signage to be robust to withstand graffiti & vandalism.

Signs had to be produced true & flat to accept high definition screen printed images.

Panels are made of formed aluminium, 2 pack painted to marine grade specifications. Maps & text are screen printed with 2 pack anti graffiti coating all over.Sign panels are mounted to galvanised steel uprights with stainless steel security fasteners.

Individual cut out letters are laser cut, galvanised, pin & epoxy fixed to masonry substrates.

Designed by Deuce Design

Award Winning Signage:

Central Signs entered this project into The Australian Sign & Graphic competition and have achieved a Silver Award in "Directional & Wayfinding" . A category which assesses the overall directional, wayfinding signage project.

North Sydney Council