We continue to care.

Our after care team provides ongoing support and maintenance.

Our Services

Central Signs Group is Australia’s leading signage maintenance company. With a focus on prevention our experience in maintenance & repairs teams ensure your corporate image is always looking the best.

Our dedicated signCARE team ensure all sign maintenance requirements and needs are met, guaranteeing a great result every time.

We work with you anywhere from initial concept, through to manufacturing and installation stage.

signCARE also offers maintenance & repair services to signage not produced by Central Signs Group as we understand the importance of your corporate image.

It is critical your large-scale signage is checked regularly for a) structural safety reasons and b) for brand purposes – our signCARE team is here to ensure that happends.

·        Shopping centres

·        Department stores

·        Retail parks

·        Factories/Depots

·        Stadiums

·        Leisure complex

·        Offices

·        Sky signs

·        Petrol stations

Types of care


Yearly, Quarterly or Monthly we tailor programmes to suit your needs;

Services include;

  • Cleaning of signs
  • Operational checks & reports
  • Integrity checks & reports
  • Energy checks & reports



Our signCARE team is always on call for your needs

Services include;

  • Emergency call outs
  • Cleaning of signs
  • Operational checks & repairs
  • Integrity checks & repairs
  • Removal & disposal

Let our signCARE team ensure your corporate image is always as it should be and your signage is safe.

We genuinely care about our clients.

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