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Central Signs Group has all the necessary accreditation’s and insurances to satisfy all building, commercial and government contractual obligations. Our employees are a highly motivated team with multiple qualifications and trade skills. This enables Central Signs Group to consistently meet agreed quality and delivery requirements, which can be verified from a multiple of our regular clients.


We turn your ideas into reality through our experienced team of designers.


Our state of the art manufacturing facility includes fabrication, painting and printing.


We have a national installation team that is highly skilled and experience in a range of different environments.


signCARE is our ongoing service division. We service signage throughout the country along with warehouse stock for clients.

Product Range

Central Signs Group loves the challenge of creating signage to suit different environments. From engineered sky signs and pylons through to out of the box fitout and wayfinding projects. You think of it, we will make it. 


A wide variety of options exist within fabrication elements, such as front face, halo or side illumination, plus a choice of materials from acrylic, aluminium or stainless steel. Our extensive experience can assist when it comes to choosing the best solutions for your required outcome & budget.


Individual elements can be cut from a wide variety of materials, such as aluminium, stainless steel, acrylic, aluminium composite material (ACM) & timber. Whether it be a company logo for a reception or boardroom feature, to individual text, profile cut graphics provide a sophisticated element to any design.


Wayfinding signage is generally used in every person’s daily life, whether they realise it or not. From street & traffic signs, to directional information in any shopping precinct, commercial or residential property. Good design is at the forefront of any successful wayfinding project, providing an easy to follow formula of colours, icons & information for people from all walks of life to find their way in the physical environment.


A quality directory system sets the tone within any commercial building, often being the main display located at major entry points. Apart from looking good, a directory system should take into consideration how updates of new occupant listings will be attended to, taking into account consistency with the original design, along with accessibility to efficiently make future changes.


A staple product in the Australian retail environment, light boxes can be customised to suit any individual requirement. The continued development of LED lighting technologies have created the opportunities for improved design & energy efficiency.


Pylons are large steel framed structures generally designed as a major entry statement to a commercial or industrial property. The size, shape, colour & style can change based on individual client requirements. Large structures such as this are one of our specialties, incorporating design, manufacture, installation, location services, council & engineering approvals. Incorporation of digital signage elements is becoming increasingly popular as the digital technology evolves.


Digital solutions are becoming an increasing popular medium, offering flexibility from traditional static signage solutions. This flexibility offers the opportunity to display multiple images / messages on a single screen. Solutions can be scaled from small individual TV sized units to billboard size. A popular use in the current environment is to incorporate digital components within a traditional signage structure, such as a pylon sign.


The ultimate in commercial building signage, sky signs are generally a feature of sky scrapers, where the naming rights of the building are view-able for the world to see. As one of our specialties, we are involved in the site assessment, design, council / engineering approvals, access & installation process. Sky signage is the ultimate “wow factor” for the big end of town.


Corten is steel cladding designed to provide a rusted coating to the face of the steel, whilst not rusting the internal structure of the steel sheet. Increasingly utilised as an architectural feature, Corten sheets can be laser cut, folded & fabricated to suit nearly any requirement.


Vitreous Enamel (VE) is a glass coating chemically bonded to steel at high temperatures of around 850° C, providing the hardness of glass & the strength of steel. This process provides a finished product that holds superior UV, scratch & graffiti resistance. Utilised for harsh outdoor conditions or extreme high traffic areas, VE provides the longest lifespan for colour fastness & durability.


As a long lasting Architectural feature, precast concrete structures & inlaid paving can provide an outstanding & innovative design feature to major entries. Concrete can be manufactured to have a message or design recessed into the structure. Alternately, other laser cut elements such as stainless steel, aluminium or brass can be either inlaid to the recess, or offset mounted onto the face of the feature.


Plaques are generally designed as a commemorative feature, and therefore need to last the test of time. Manufactured from highly robust materials such as cast bronze or engraved stainless steel, all designs are custom made to suit the size and style required.


Braille & tactile signs are manufactured to meet all required Australian Standards. It is vital that all elements meet the statutory requirements outlined in AS1428.1. Manufacture can be achieved in a variety of materials, including acrylic, aluminium & stainless steel. A variety of “proprietary” styles & designs are available. Alternately, we can custom manufacture designs to suit your individual needs.


Any design, no matter how intricate, colourful or large can be created with our large format printing service. Graphics can be applied direct to existing surfaces, such as glass, walls & floors. Application can also be applied to a wide variety of substrate materials, such as acrylic, aluminium & composite panel, just to name a few.


From creating privacy with frosted vinyl to adding a splash of colour, these self-adhesive products have been a staple ingredient of retail & commercial design for decades. Branding, text & icons can be cut into any design as required. This process is primarily utilised on glass & flat wall surfaces, or on substrates such as stainless steel, aluminium & acrylic.


A fascia sign is a highly visible type of outdoor business signage, usually appearing on the front of business premises to promote services or an event. Fascia boards can be fitted almost anywhere that will benefit your business. Retail fascia signs are the perfect way to advertise your brand and there are several options available that can be customised to stand out and catch the eye of potential customers.

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